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Candidate for the House of Representatives
State of Arizona Legislative District 15

Truth in politics, justice and law, a growing economy, better art and culture, better access to health care, and to help Arizona become #1 in education are the basis of his campaign for political office.

Robert L. Gear Jr. is a naturopathic physician, living and working in Legislative District 15, in Phoenix, Arizona. He has personally worked to improve property and homes throughout the area of this voting district, which has increased the value of neighborhood homes, and has helped to restore luster to this vibrant community.

Robert L. Gear Jr. is dually licensed by the State of Arizona as a Naturopathic M.D., and as a Chiropractic physician. He has worked at Comprehensive Health Services at the same location (in Legislative District 15) for the past 42 years, with his father before him, and now with his two sons, Robert Gear III, DO, Family Practice, and Dr. Brent Gear DO, Emergency Medicine. Together, the Gear family has worked to improve the health and vitality of area residents.

Robert L. Gear, Jr., a life-long Republican, is well versed in area politics, and knows how to get things done. He began his political learning process working to elect Barry Goldwater President followed by helping John Conlan get elected Congressman. He served as physician to Secretary of State and then Governor Wesley Bolin. He was appointed by Governor Bruce Babbitt in 1980, and again by Governor Fife Symington in 1991, to serve on the Naturopathic Physicians Board of Medical Examiners (NPBOMEX) where he served as vice chairman and chairman. He served as a political advisor to Secretary of State Jan Brewer during her many political campaigns.

From 1935 to 1980 the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association was prevented from advancing legislatively. In 1980 following his appointment to NPBOMEX he served as the naturopathic medical professions most effective lobbyist at the State legislature successfully steering more than two dozen bills. This experience taught him how to be effective in getting legislation approved by legislators and signed by the governor.

Robert L. Gear, Jr. is an able politician that will work hard to effectively represent the interests of the people of Legislative District 15. Bring your legislative concerns to him. He will explore with you to find the best solution and then fight for it in the Republican majority party caucus and the committee hearings of both the Senate and the House.

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